A gentle giant with an unfortunate name.

A Hellsguard Roegadyn making his way through Eorzea. He's a gentle soul in search of others to enjoy the adventure known as life.

Often goes by "Psy" when introducing himself to new people.

He's a character on the Balmung server on the Crystal data center in Final Fantasy XIV.

Learn more about him:

Growing up in a remote mountain village in Vylbrand, his family guarded a cave believed to contain a way to travel to other worlds. His parents gave him a strange name to impress upon him the seriousness of their duty. He learned the ways of magic and nature from his parents, and on his 25th birthday he set off for the city to learn what he could.

In Limsa Lominsa he joined the Arcanists' Guild to develop his magical prowess. While out in the world he dabbled in a little of everything that he could: training as a warrior, learning to heal, and even learning to make things with his hands. He's mostly been concerned with growing his abilities and taking care of those close to him.

He's a kind soul despite the scary name and intimidating appearance. When approached he usually has an easy smile and kind word for others. He's also generous to a fault, willing to go out of his way to take care of others.

But his story isn't finished yet...

He travels often between cities improving his crafting and providing custom products to people. Perhaps you're interested in hiring him?Psy is the veteran of military campaigns, fighting as a warrior or providing healing. You could ask him to join on a mission where you find you need his help.He seems to talk to a lot of Miqo'te. They seem to approach him naturally for whatever reason. Maybe there's something more to this than meets the eye.You might have seen him someplace, dancing. He's incredibly light on his feet for his size.He's an avid collector. He supposedly has hundreds of mammets, critters, and poppets. It's also rumored he has a wide selection of orchestrion rolls. Maybe you have word of a rare find.Rumor has it that he has a keen eye for how to decorate a house or other space. Maybe you need his help to decorate and craft decorations!All else fails, just approach and we'll see where a scene goes! Sometimes the best scenes are ones that you didn't plan for.

This is my primary content character; I'm level 80 in everything, including crafters and gatherers. I'm fairly well geared as a Warrior and can play White Mage and Red Mage easily enough. I don't do Savage content, usually.

I have another character I consider my "RP main" on Mateus, but I love RP and would like writing some stories for Psy here if I can. I'm an experienced RPer with years of experience with tabletop RPGs. I have RPed in FFXIV for about two and a half years, running a themed RP group and helping to manage an RP community. I love RP, and I'm eager to make new RP friends!

I'm open to most RP as long as it's a good story. I'm not interested in ERP for the sake of ERP. I also don't like character death, nor do I want to write scenes with godmodders or other overpowered characters. I tend to prefer more grounded RP that abides by the lore of the FFXIV setting, but I can be flexible for the sake of a great story.

I don't mind working out things ahead of time if there's a touchy subject, but too much planning can ruin the fun of an otherwise normal scene. I prefer at least a little spontaneity, but don't want to blunder into overly dark themes without some warning.

I'm happy to craft for you! If you have components, I'll do it for free most likely. I might even provide common components if I have them available. I can craft up to 3 star recipes fairly easily, but I can't guarantee HQ.

I keep most of my characters separate, so don't ask who I am if you don't know. I also maintain some OOC separation, so don't expect me to open up about things like who I am unless we know each other for a while. But I'm friendly and approachable according to many people, so feel free to strike up a conversation and ask about whatever you're curious about.

It's difficult to make great glamours for a Roegadyn, but I like to think I've done a good job making him look nice.

More screenshots to be added as I take them.